Daniel Wevers | CIT 

I have diverse work experience in business management, computer technology, project management and coordination. I am also currently continuing my education in the related field of computer information technologies. This experience and education has culminated into a passion for technology in business.

My continuing education provides me with the specific expertise in computer technologies, which allows me to perfect and expand my skills in software developing, networking, database system design and project development proposals and presentations. This work experience and education brings together the three areas I am most passionate about; Technology, Business Entrepreneurship and STEM education.

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What a superior says...

Joshua Day Chief, EAR

CEO | AdvancedAg

Daniel is an extremely versatile person. He has extensive knowledge and experience working with computers, technology and website building. On top of that, his ability to communicate and work in a team atmosphere is top notch. He has helped our company out since the beginning!

What a teacher says...

Timothy D. Frantz, CIS

Instructor | Lethbridge College | School of Technology 

Daniel has amazing enthusiasm for professional and personal growth, which manifests itself in all class activities, discussions, and assignments. His desire to do whatever needs to be done to accomplish his academic goals is equally impressive. 


Daniel consistently and regularly shows that he is willing to work hard and do whatever is required. He is always striving to learn and improve on his business and technology skills. Daniel will accept nothing less than the absolute best from himself, he is only satisfied with the results that come from 100% effort. 


Daniel is a natural leader, cheerfully doing whatever is needed to ensure the success of any project he works on, and the people he works with. Daniel is never afraid to ask questions, placing the success of every small job above his personal success and ego. While Daniel works extremely well as an individual, his ability to function well as a team member is clearly evident as he naturally rises to a position of serving leadership. 


I have no reservations stating that Daniel would be an asset to any company or business, and that his involvement, especially in a leadership role in a project or business, will be a significant contributor to its success.

What a peer says...

John Karlo Blanco,  B.S, CIT

CMMS Operator

I have never seen such quality from a one person project. This is hands down the best I have seen in the class. I have learned a lot on how to present myself just by looking at Daniel's work. This is the level quality that I believe everyone should strive for.



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Give Back

Globe Aware

Seven day voluntourism in Cuzco Peru. Assisted in Orphanage, Schools & Dog Shelters 

Help Portrait

Volunteer printing services for Help Portrait in my capacity as Store Manager at McBain Camera

Humane Society

Volunteer at the shelter assisting with animal care and daily operations




Apple Certified Mac Technician 

Specializing in..

Apple diagnostics repairs​ 



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Adobe XD


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